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  • Highly articulate and skilled in building long term relationships with clients, users and managers, where necessary during full cycle development of various projects, including testing, deployment and release, user training, enhancement and documentation
  • Expertise in complex business analysis and modelling
  • Familiar with working in teams and individually, and responsibility for a whole project


Over 20 years experience in developing database applications the last 15 in Visual Studio.


Parrots -opened my door to unwanted parrots, at the moment I have 17 cockatiels and 4 african greys, most of them living in an outside aviary... And 2 ducks

Gardening -gardening offers me a way to express myself, so each year I try to design some type of concept, depending on the weather of course!

Driving -love cruising in my car, not for speed but pleasure.

Web site development -I simply enjoy it so much!

Excellent references


Patricia Marchand

Analyst Programmer