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Problems caused by Plumbsafe Cambridge ltd this year February 2020 slowly been rectified, there are:

  • tiling around the bathroom window (tiler not yet found to rectify)
  • the tap in the bathroom and the toilets dripping all the time, this should be rectified today hopefully
  • the silly switch which reduce my water flow so if I run the water in the kitchen I cannot use the loo upstairs! this should be rectified today, hopefully

Mr Window has cancelled today start of the installation saying Glen the installation guy is in hospital.  But the salesman Robert, horrible little man, lied to me saying Glen is the only person who will be installing om his own the conservatory.

I have paid a deposit so now it is the usual no care treatment and laughable as they playing me, the elderly French woman.

Today I am also supposed to get a visit from the one of the artificial lawn installer, hoping for a grey colour, but dear, oh dear they all so narrow minded! Grey?! shame!

Getting very annoyed been treated as if I am senile because I am over 70's

I would love to come back to France but been alone is difficult as I never driven in France except once to visit my mum and it was a disaster as with the anxiety of the drive I ended up driving on the wrong side of the road been shouted at by French people!  I am though pining for speaking to my family face to face, probably because I feel so lonely!

Chelmsford has become so corrupted with trading standards not wanting to help getting my consumers rights, is it because I am old and a foreigner or just simply because we pay for services we do no longer get.  I think it is because we have as an MP the daughter of a big NHS England top guy.  Noticed many quango type companies emerging from the NHS none useful to anybody but obviously receiving funds from the public purse.  But what else is there? labour, lib dems are as corrupted as the conservative. Better try to just shut up and profit of the retirement money.

EditDelete01/06/2020Today Monday 1st June, done one year plus of home improvements, found many builders very rude and not even good to diy tasks but they refuse to admit it.

Today Wednesday 5th March 2014

Dear diary,

Purchased a second hand bicycle from a private seller in Chelmsford who very kindly delivered it to my home.  I have not cycled for over 20 years and when I tried to... climb the 2nd leg did not want to go over the bar.... Ah I can feel it is going to be a struggle, still it will do me good exercising.  I feel silly by myself at my age trying to cycle but I need to bye pass my silly ways and try instead of sitting at my desk inventing systems people do not want.....

I can smell spring in the air and it might be a good time for me to do some gardening and do a house spring clean. I will need to order a skip, though, as all the furniture half eaten by my birds are accumulating in my corridor waiting to be thrown in a skip.

Delicious! Purchased some bacon yesterday and it is was so nice this morning having a bacon roll with fruitty brown sauce.

Dear diary, I will speak to you later on as the sun really urges me to go in the garden I have not touched since last November.  Speak to you later....



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