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Bought the house in 1999, moved from the Old Moulsham to Melbourne area and this was a bit of struggle to start with as the house is very spacious but the crowd in Melbourne at the time was very.... scary say the least; in anyway I endured and things got much better, in fact much better than in the Old Moulsham where many incidents started then.

Did not do much improvements to the house then except for the aviary I had built in 2000 at the back of the property to house my birds, one of the reasons why I chose the house.

So here is the photo of the house in 1999 November when I moved in

Today 2020, after some renovations this is what the house looks like

Started by doing the driveway and that went well, though found the guy greedy, then cladding the corner wall, unfortunately had to have the cladding company coming many times after to fix many wrong doing such as the new gutters front and back falling off! Still done now

Because decided to retire in style with a hot tub, had a 2 metres sliding gate installed, unfortunately neighbours complained following which the council asked me to cut my 2 metres sliding gate to 1 metre which I had to do reluctantly, living on my own and not been able to protect myself is a shame for the council who has a social responsibility, still never mind.

See the new gate with a good lock

that had to be cut to 1 metre only high

Still never mind....

So then had the front rendered.

The installation of the hot tub went smoothly, to start with had a soft top I had to lift up each time I wanted to use the hot tub


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