Wednesday 17 August 2022    

Semi Retired Visual Studio Developer

Enjoying retirement, hot tub, coffee with friends, renewing relationship with my pets, in particular Maxim who has been so patient while I was working.


Over 30 years experience in developing database applications the last 20 in Visual Studio and devexpress.


Parrots -there is nothing better than listening to my parrots telling me all about the world!

Gardening -gardening offers me a way to express myself, so each year I try to design some type of concept, depending on the weather of course, this year it is the 'jungle' gives me an excuse not to deweed!

Driving -love cruising in my car, not for speed but pleasure.

Web site development -I simply enjoy it so much!

Home improvements -decided to make the house nice and comfortable to spend (hopefully) my old age there,  Gallery.

Some home improvements have been really beneficial, while others have been similar in living in a nightmare of really bad builders found in directories I trusted to vet those builders. I have written a book with the friendly help of Story Terrace about some of my experience with the world of Cowboy Hounds.


Patricia Marchand

Semi-Retired Visual Studio Developer

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